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What it is
How it works
with Ben Dove, Noel Perlas and Tom Stovicek at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea

Audiografitti is an installation that illustrates how a space changes over time. The installation is placed in an inflatable space, featuring two parallel sets of four microphones, four corresponding switches and four speakers.

When a person comes into the inflatable space, they can activate the microphone by pressing the switch on the floor. They can then leave a message which will be played back and looped in that specific point of the space (stereo field), according to the position of the microphone.

All the messages that are left in the space are played back, they loop and they eventually fade out, as new messages come in. The stored sounds remain on the computer hard drive, creating an archive of the audio history of the space.

Exhibited at Bunet Cafe |2004 - Torino, Italy| and the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan Triannale |2004 - Milan, Italy|