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What it is
How it works
FAvor link
with Jennifer Bove, at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
the service

Favor Link is a service for working moms whose children are going to the same school. The service would be offered by the school and would not have more than 20-30 members. Favor link brings together working moms, the school administration, a mobile phone operator and also a third party service provider.

the application

Favor Link will feature an application that runs on the mobile phone. Going into the FL application on the mobile, a service member can see a list of other mothers who are available to help, and where these mothers are. She can choose the best person to ask for help, depending on the kind of help she needs (if she needs bread, she will ask someone who’s already at the grocery store) and her relationship with that person. Likewise, mothers can make themselves available for certain types of help, and their name will appear on the list of available favors that other members can turn to.

The service relies on a mutual agreement among its members to tell the service when they’re available to help others out and where they are (like the grocery store, or the school) so that this information can be displayed in the availability list. However, the service features preset options that can minimize user input, and make it necessary only when a mother first starts using the service.