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What it is
How it works
at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
Frienshare is a search engine for finding friends of friends that can help out with traveling or expertise advice. The user can search for the kind of assistance he needs, and the application will displays the best people that fit his search, all friends of friends, with good incentives to help out.

Building a network

• you invite close friends to join the system
• if they accept to join the system, they have to fill a basic personal profile (location, institution, profession, expertise, languages spoken)
• when your friends accept, their profile will be accessible to other friends from your network
• your profile will also be accessible to friends of your friends.
• you become a node via whom your friends can contact each other
• your friends become nodes via whom you can now see other social networks, one degree out
• having someone a part of your list does not necessarily mean you can access his network yet (filtering options are available)
Application main screen. The buddy list features friends who have joined your network and shared their networks with you (orange), friends who have joined your network and do not share their networks with you (grey) and friends who have not accepted your invitation yet (grayed out). Click on the picture to see a bigger preview.
Click on the picture to see a bigger preview
Personal profile a user needs to fill out in order to join a friend's network/ share their network with someone. The orange lines are pre-filled by the system.
Click on the picture to see a bigger preview


After you have joined several networks, you can search them for help in three categories: places, languages, professional advice and jobs.

The system will rank the results based in information taken from both the profile of the person who makes the search and other profiles available in the database. For instance, if a user is looking for someone who lives in Italy, the top first names will be a person that not only live in Italy, but he/she also speak his language, is the same gender and is closer to his age.
Search result window. The results are displayed from the most relevant to the least, depending on information taken from both personal profiles.
Click on the picture to see a bigger preview