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What it is
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at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
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FriendShare only involves first-degree friends. As shown in the diagram above, people have overlapping social circles. To one person, someone else's network will have both visible and hidden parts. With FriendShare, one can tap into the hidden part of his friend's social networks, one degree out.

FriendShare is a database and a search engine. Each user has to share some personal information with the system (location, age, expertise) and has to create a social network, by inviting friends. As his friends invite other friends, the user can see the people in these social networks. In case he needs to travel somewhere, to ask a professional advice or just find new company, he can ask the system to search for a person who can help him out in the social networks of close friends. This way, first-degree friends can browse and ask for help from people outside their own support networks, discovering people resources they did not know they had.

FriendShare recreates an existing social interaction – people ask help from friends of friends all the time. Its main strengths lies in bringing forwards the potential of your hidden social network, and minimizing the time required to contact those people.