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What it is
How it works
navigation for bikers
at Namahn
The application guides the biker through a pre-defined bike tour. The tours are punctuated with numbered nodes that the bikers have to follow. The node numbers would be displayed on boards on the side of the road. Up to this summer, the bikers would get a map at the Tour Information checkpoint with all the available tours.

Bikers had navigation problems. They found it hard to see the nodes on the side of the street, and they frequently missed turns. With the new applications, they are now able to pick a certain tour, and the application would tell them when a node point is coming up and when they have to turn.


The main screen of the application shows a zoomed-in map of the tour, where the biker (the red arrow) is always in the middle. The next node point and the distance to it are shown in the blue box on the left corner of the screen (first image to the left).

When the biker is approaching a new node, the same blue box will display: the node to be reached (bigger), the distance to it, and the next node the biker will follow. The arrow in the low right side of the screen signals that an intersection is approaching, the distance to it and which way the bikers should turn. The nodes are not necessarily located in intersections (second image on the right).


Using GPS, video and audio clips are triggered at specific points during the tour, when a tourist site is in vicinity. This way, the biker gets more information about the region.

A pop-up box appears on the screen, telling the biker that an audio or video clip are available. The biker can hit the play button on the bottom of the screen to play the video or the audio. Otherwise, he can ignore the message, which will disappear once the biker is out of the trigger area (first image on the left). When a video or an audio clip are played, the biker can adjust the volume, pause or rewind (second image from left to right). After a video or an audio clip were played, the controls on the bottom of the screen change again, allowing the biker to replay the last audio or video clip (the two images on the bottom row).


The magnifying glass icon takes the biker to a bird’s-eye view map of the whole tour.


The color-stripe icon takes the biker to the theme screen. For the same tour, there will be several audio and video clips available, each grouped in themes depending on the focus of their content (nature, history, for children etc).