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What it is
How it works
navigation for bikers
at Namahn
Observation & Experience prototyping

We started by organizing an impromptu expedition to Limburg, and going through the bike tour ourselves.

We were concerned that the PDA screen would be too small and illegible, and that bikers will have troubles paying attention to both the PDA and the road. We taped a postcard the same size as the PDA to the handlebars and used it the same way the PDA will be used. It turned out that the size was not a problem, and the distraction was minimum.

The Interface

We developed the interaction design for the interface by:

• creating personas and user scenarios
• conceptual model and conceptual design of the interface
• wireframes
• user testing with a flash mockup
• refinement
• graphic design
see flash mock-up

Final Delivery

The final delivery comprised the graphic design and a specification for the application.